The attorneys at Libby Sparks are experienced in a wide range of construction matters, from financing of improvements to disputes among the parties involved in the construction process, and everything in between. We represent developers, owners, architects, engineers, and contractors both locally and a national level and, as a small firm comprised of experienced attorneys, we take great pride in the individualized high-quality service we provide to our clients. From the initial bidding on the project, to the negotiation and formation of the various agreements, and the closing of the loan, we are trusted advisors and zealous advocates for our clients. We also help folks get paid for their work by preparing and filing liens.

We recognize that well-drafted construction contracts that clearly set out the work to be done, the price to be paid, and the terms and conditions of payment, while also allocating potential risks between the parties, is critical to the success of a construction project. Indeed, risk management is a key component of construction law and Libby Sparks attorneys are well-versed in risk management tools including sound business and construction practices (such as proper pre-construction planning, proven construction means and methods, use of experienced personnel, and stringent safety programs), as well as careful contract preparation and review.

The long-term success of our clients is of the utmost importance and we strive to understand each client’s specific business needs going into a project, so that we can customize every solution we provide.

Construction Disputes

Whether in the courtroom or in an alternate dispute resolution setting, we are experienced in representing our clients in construction disputes over, among other things:

  • the scope of work or plans and specifications
  • the scope of work between contractor and subcontractor
  • construction and design defects
  • project delays

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