Commercial Litigation

Our litigation team, led by Ryan Starnes, represents clients in a broad range of business disputes. Our team brings personal attention and depth of knowledge to each matter we handle, tailoring our advice to our clients’ needs and business objectives to achieve the best possible outcome at a reasonable cost. Our clients value our responsiveness, efficiency, and sound judgment. We take a holistic approach to problem solving, so understanding our client’s overall business strategy is paramount. As we frame our strategy for a case, we are always mindful that it fits the legal and business needs of the client. This allows us to focus efficiently on the key issues, without being distracted by peripheral matters, and to develop and implement a creative legal approach.

Our litigators are skilled writers with strong presentation skills and significant courtroom experience. We prepare each case as if it is going to trial, which we believe is the best way to allow for early resolutions of matters. If trial is necessary, we enter the courtroom with a mastery of both the facts of the case and the relevant law. As the best trial attorneys are great storytellers, we develop our trial strategy around a central theme and work with the evidence and legal arguments so support the theme. Our goal at trial is a focused, logical, concise, and persuasive presentation to the judge or jury.

Our litigation experience also allows us to counsel our clients on risk prevention and other pre-litigation matters, including the legal ramifications of business decisions and ensuring compliance with laws and regulations. In the context of construction contracts, trademark filings, entity formations, employment agreements and other transactional matters, managing risk is an important aspect of our commercial litigation practice and is a service that is highly valued by our clients.

What We Do

We appear regularly in state and federal courts throughout North Texas, and are well-respected in the local community for our professionalism and integrity. We represent clients in litigation matters involving:

  • Construction Law
  • Intellectual Property, including patent, trademark, and copyright infringement
  • Contracts
  • Business Torts
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duties
  • Real Estate
  • Fraud
  • Covenants Not to Compete
  • Partnership Disputes

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