Intellectual Property

At Libby Sparks, we are well-versed in intellectual property law. We understand the importance of maintaining strict control over and ownership of intellectual property, including copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets, and counsel our clients on a variety of IP issues, specifically in the context of corporate transactions when the IP portfolio is often one of the most valuable assets. As trusted advisors we are committed to protecting our clients’ intellectual property, so that they can maintain a competitive edge and succeed in their business endeavors.

Licensing Trademarks

Our IP lawyers are experienced in negotiating and preparing trademark license agreements for logos, words, phrases or other source identifiers. When licensing trademarks for our clients, we conduct due diligence, then ensure that the agreement clearly delineates the rights and duties of the parties, while accommodating the dynamic business environment of today and anticipating risk.

Copyright Protection

We are experienced in consulting on copyright protection and enforcing copyright protected designs for design professionals such as architects, engineers, and owners. We negotiate and draft confidentiality provisions, ensuring that creators of original work are protected from infringement. Ryan Starnes has lectured in this area, giving presentations to the Dallas Chapter of the American Institute of Architects and multiple local design firms.

Corporate Transactions

We recognize that addressing the transferability of intellectual property is crucial to evaluating and managing the risks associated with many corporate transactions. Thus, our IP team is frequently asked to consult with our corporate attorneys during an acquisition or other transaction. We make sure trademarks and trade secrets are valid, renewing them if necessary, and prepare any necessary assignments of licenses.

Infringement Disputes

We have litigated intellectual property disputes before federal and state courts throughout North Texas, obtaining injunctive relief to protect our clients’ IP from infringement, as well as seeking damages.

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